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Learning New Stitches

It was my Sunday go to meeting for crocheting yesterday.  I had a lot of fun this time! I have fun each time I go, but this time just felt happier for some reason.  We had three new people sign up to be members, and one was a crochet author.  She had autographed one of her books for a "name in the hat" raffle, and my name was picked as the lucky winner!  Yay! But wait a minute, I never win those things!  So I asked Grace if she was sure it was me just because I never do win, and she was pretty sure it was me.  Then come to find out, one of our newest members was named Nancy too!  It was hers..... not mine......(sigh)  Oh, well, there's always next time!

Come to find out, the other Nancy works for Penza (not sure if I heard the name correctly) Yarns, and she's ready for all of us to invade her store for a yarn hop!  Oh, yea!  Phyllis, the author, lives near me, and when I was first accepted for Associated Professional with CGOA, I had sent her an email introducing myself as a neighbor.  Now I finally got to meet her!  What a nice surprise that turned out to be!  The third new member, Pat, is into felting big time, which was perfect timing for me as I was putting the finishing touches on a handbag made from unspun roving from dudley spinners.  It's the first time working from roving for me, and I was curious as to whether it would felt faster or take longer than spun wool to felt up.  Especially since I was doing the felting by hand.  (sometimes frontend loaders don't work so well!  lol)  So I got pick up some good info from Pat before I started the felting.  It was very enjoyable for me to meet all three ladies yesterday.

Then there's my buddy, Dee, sitting directly across from me two tables away.  We had a bit of fun tossing small projects at each other for the purpose of oohing and aaahhing.  Then she came all the way over to try teaching me to do the Irish Clones Knot stitch.  Anyone else who was interested crowded around also with hook and yarn.  We had a good time "helicoptering" our hooks back and forth as many times as we wanted before trying to pull the yarn over thru all the loops we had created.  It made for quite a bit of laughter as we watched each other's loops fall off the hook, then for a bit of cheering as we all, one by one, got the hang of it.  We moved from the Clones Knot onto the infamous BULLION stitch.  I think with a bit more practice I might actually get a decent looking stitch from that now!  Dee showed us a trick for holding the BOTTOM of all the loops with a bit of downward pressure to create a space for the hook to freely pull thru all of them in one easy pass.  At least in theory, it's supposed to work that way!!!

Then we all found out that Dee and Margaret are both going to be teaching some classes at the CGOA conference in July!  Way to go, Ladies!!!!  I just wish they would come out with the class schedule already!!!  I don't want to wait for another four weeks to find out which classes I want to take. ;-{  Greedy me wants to see NOW!!!  (big sigh, ok, I'll wait)

Have a good night.  :)

PS: the bag is felted, and drying on the counter now.  It turned out pretty decent for being the second time I ever felted!  I'll get some pics posted soon.


Reader Comments (2)

Missyboo, I just realized that this is your blog! It's great and I love your patterns: also I'm awed at your renditions of JS Peever's Aran sweaters. Tons of love, Danielle

February 14, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterlaracroft

Hi Danielle! Nice to see you here, too! Thanks! Have you started your sweater yet? Hugs to you, Nancy

February 14, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterNancy

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